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The Cilento, apart from its crystal clear blue sea and pristine beaches, boasts a rich historical and cultural past.
Appreciated by Italian and foreign visitors, it represents the most admired and well-known tourist destination in the province of Salerno; it is an ideal place to spend your holiday full of sea, art and local cuisine.
You can easily reach the wonderful Pertosa and Castelcivita Caves, the famous Charterhouse of Padula, the picturesque archeological site of Velia and the gorges of the river Calore, which represent the main expression of these wild natural places. Just few Kilometres away you can go to visit the Amalfi Coast and the archeological excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
Elvè Holiday House is an excellent choice for guided tours to dairies and local farms, boat trips and flights with the paraglide or hang glide from the panoramic Sanctuary of "Madonna del Granato".
These places are also characterized by its genuine flavours and high-quality products, such as "Mozzarella di Bufala", the artichoke PGI of Paestum, the white fig of Cilento and the extra virgin olive oil.



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